My new book is out!!

Dazzle Camouflage: Spectacular Theatrical Strategies for Resistance and Resilience offers two profiles of contemporary theater artists, Jenny Romaine and The Eggplant Faerie Players, generating analysis about their shared transformative theatrical strategies. Using oral history, archival research, and experiences working with these artists, the author tells their stories and identifies the roles of Dazzle Camouflage, Re-Mixing History, and Rehearsing Resistance in their work. Both profiles are interwoven with progressive Jewish and Queer culture and politics.



JVP Web Gallery Launches

Today the Jewish Voice for Peace Artist Council Web Gallery site launched, after about a year of planning and design. This gallery site is a project created by members of the JVP Artist Council, intended to house an evolving archive of creative and cultural work relevant to JVP’s mission and goals. We intend these galleries to offer resources and tools for inspiration, reflection, education, and to document some of the different strategies and experiments created by artists and cultural workers in the JVP network. The galleries will be created by members of the Artist Council and by guest curators from allied organizations and social justice movements.

Defiant Archives

“Defiant Archives: Trans Histories of Existence, Resistance, and Brilliance” exhibit shares a collection of archival and personal items with a focus on the history of transgender activism in Philadelphia, curated and collected by local trans community members. Visitors will be able to watch a collection of oral history videos shared by the Trans Oral History Project, as well as the short documentary video “Transpass” about the work of Riders Against Gender Exclusion, a local activist group who won the fight to end SEPTA’s use of gendered stickers in 2013. The exhibit also invites participation, as visitors are welcomed to share their own histories on a timeline stretching from 1965 to 2015.

The Defiant Archives exhibit responds to a missing piece in the Reminder 2015 celebration. Before, during, and after the Annual Reminder Day protests (1965-69) demanded gender conformity from participants, transgender and gender nonconforming activists have mobilized for sexual and gender self-determination, social transformation, and collective liberation.

The exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Charlene Arcila-Ecks.

An opening event on July 24th featured performances by Icon Ebony Fierce and legendary drag performer Les Harrison.

The full exhibit runs from July 24-September 20, and is accessible during the Center’s open hours:
MON – FRI 11am – 10pm
SAT – SUN 12pm – 5pm

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Newsworks: In celebrating Philly LGBT history, the ‘T’ is silent — and that’s not all.

Fundraising for Direct Action: a Case Study

“Fundraising for direct action and legal defense: a case study of the 2000 RNC protests” by myself and Kris Hermes is now online at Interface: a journal for and about social movements (Volume 7 issue 1)  and was also published in Grassroots Fundraising Journal (July-August 2015, Vol. 34 No. 4).

Click to download the article as a free PDF.

“The fundraising experience during and after the RNC 2000 protests was trial by fire. Once the crisis of mass arrests hit the national media, our capacity to fundraise was enormous. With money coming in from all over and so quickly, it was more successful than any other fundraising effort we had been a part of, and all involved were swept into a steep learning curve. We tried our hardest under tremendous pressure, and looking back we recognize that we desperately needed more structured accountability and more guidance. And still, the results were extraordinary: we got all of our people out of jail, and kept them out. We share this story with hopes for the same results for all who organize for direct action and legal defense!”